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NICK2000 NICK2000

Notion for Innovation,
Creativity & Knowledge

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18 Years
optical solutions

Nick 2000 LTD. is supplying optical and optomechanical components and complete solutions to its customers.
All processes in the company are based on the international standarts ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Some of our main politics are as fallows:

  • 100% of our optical and opto-mechanical camponents are been inspected before shipment;
  • All of the components are supplied with standard inspection reports or a certain one, required form the customers, material certificates and coating inspection reports if needed;
  • The components are been packed careful and safely in accordance to their specific and marked with label including the most important information as type of the parts; item code; drawing and order number.

The results of the policy pursued by us are an increased satisfaction of our customers and claims under 1% for the past few years.

QMS Certification  EMS Certification


Who we are

About us

NICK 2000 Ltd provides to its customers complete optical solutions, from various types of optical and fine mechanical components and assemblies to design and optimization of opto-mechanical systems. The standard production range includes customize lenses, doublets, triplets, plates, prisms, wedges.

Nick 2000 Ltd. is a modern and fast-growing Bulgarian company in the field of optics. Thanks to the technological development and the commercial know-how, Nick 2000 Ltd. supplies to its customers complete high-quality optical solutions.

We manufacture according to defined customer specifications or we develop according to the individual requirements. We are working per DIN3140, ISO 10110 or MIL standards & ISO 9001:2008. Nick 2000 Ltd. is able to supply unique prototypes, small-series production, as well as mass production.

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Years on the market

The initial idea of the founder Danail Dechev was to provide to the customers optical and opto-mechanical components with high and stable quality. NICK 2000 Ltd was established in September 2005; The special meaning of abbreviation NICK is: "Notion for Innovation, Creativity and Knowledge"

Photovoltaic plant

Nick 2000 Ltd. is green thinking company. We have reduced the use of chemicals in our production with over than 50% in 2018 compared to 2017. We are proud to keep these results nowadays. The company implemented models of working based on the principals of circular economy. In 2023 we have build the first part of our Photovoltaic plant. In 2024, we plan to be ready with the second part.

Idea IconEuropean co-financing

Nick 2000 participated in European programs for regional financing. More information,
check here.

Price IconCompetitive prices and short lead times

The modern machine park and the high educated employees give us the opportunity to provide short delivery terms and competitive prices.We give personal attitude to each customer’s project, which guarantee the good service for the whole process.
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Team IconProfessional team

High-educated employees + Technological development & know-how + Flexibility in production and delivery = Reliable long-term partnership.
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Time IconInternship programs and Free workplaces

Nick 2000 offers internship opportunities as well as free workplaces. For more information,
check here.


Applications of our products:

Our customers are companies of the following industries:

  • Measurement and control technology;
  • Medical technology;
  • Laser technology;
  • Engineering;
  • Image processing;
  • Sensors for industrial automation;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Criminology and Defense;
  • Aerospace;
  • Universities and many more
NICK2000 NICK2000

Notion for Innovation,
Creativity & Knowledge

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